• About MIPPA

    • Established on 17 December 2013, Registered on 26 June 2014.
    • Company (Organization) Registration No. 106505071
    • President : U Kyaw Kyaw Win and fourteen CECs.
    • 263 members as of 2020.
    • MIPPA is sole IP Association officially recognized by Myanmar Government, WIPO and International IP Associations.

    Activities: Participation in the IP Law drafting meetings, Advising the Bill Committees of Amyotha Hluttaw and Pyithu Hluttaw (‘‘Houses of the Parliament’’) on the Drafting IP laws; IP educating activities among the Stakeholders in the States and Regions; Opening IP Courses in the name of MIPPA IP Academy under MOU between WIPO and UMFCCI; Sending our representatives to attend/ participate in oversea IP Seminars/ Forums/ Workshops/ Trainings; IP Awareness ceremonies such as WORLD IP DAY, Myanmar Famous Brand Expo &Promo are held annually; Fruitful intensive meetings with foreign IP missions in UMFCCI and MIPPA for IPR development;

  • Mission

    To develop Economy of Myanmar by safeguarding Intellectual Property Rights

  • Vision

    MIPPA envisages to …
    Support to Growth of Myanmar…

  • Objectives

    • To protect investment of private entrepreneurs who invent, create and own IP;
    • To improve MSMEs and to provide assistance for IP development and trade;
    • To assist for accessing Right of Geographical Indications on certain unique products of Myanmar;
    • To preserve and protect IP from various artistic areas and that from Industrial fields;
    • To encourage creation and invention of new IP;
    • To upgrade awareness and knowledge of IP;
    • To cooperate with regional and international IP associations/ IP organizations;
  • MIPPA Events

    Attending Myanmar JSIP Follow-up Seminar (19th January 2021)
    MIPPA IP Academy “IP Fundamental Course 12th Batch” (16th January 2021)
    MIPPA IP Academy “IP Fundamental Course 11th Batch” (14th November 2020)
    “IP Webinar of MIPPA” (6th November 2020) at 14:00 PM (MMT)
  • In affiliation with

  • Myanmar Cosmetics Association
    မြန်မာနိုင်ငံ အလှကုန်အသင်း
    Myanmar Rattan and Bamboo Entrepreneur Association
    မြန်မာနိုင်ငံ ကြိမ်နှင့်ဝါးလုပ်ငန်းရှင်များအသင်း
    Myanmar Wood Based Furniture Association
    မြန်မာနိုင်ငံ သစ်အခြေခံပရိဘောဂလုပ်ငန်းရှင်များအသင်း
  • Address

    No. (210), 7/B, Myat Hsu Mon Condo, Kabaraye Pagoda Road, Mayangone Township, Yangon, Myanmar

    PH : 0951 43419, 0979 8433 183
    E-MAIL : mippa.myanmar@gmail.com, office@mippa.org.mm

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