• Member’s Rights

    (a) Entitled to attend, discuss and suggestion at the meeting, discussion, seminars and ceremonies invited by the Association.

    (b) Entitled to attend, study and participate in local and foreign training courses, workshops, excursions and exhibitions.

    (c) Entitled to obtain date information and documents and enjoy the services arranged and provide by the Association. If deemed necessary, the ordinary office documents may be inspected, copied and demanded. The documents relating to special matters may be inspected, copied and demanded with the signatures and submission of at least (10) member. The matters may be submitted to the nearest meeting of the Executive Committee and obtain its permission.

    (d) Entitled to discuss, question, propose, object and vote at the General Meetings and other relevant meetings of the Association upon being invited. (Although associate members are entitled to attend and discuss and make suggestion, they are not entitled to be elected and voting.)

    (e) Entitled to submit good advices and presentations for the development and success of the Association.

    (f) Entitled to be elected as a member of the Executive Committee in accordance with the stipulations of the Association.

    (g) Entitled to be included in the working committees.

    (h) Entitled to give one vote at the voting for each time.

    (i) Entitled to vote on behalf of another member.

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    #Opening Speech by U Kyaw Kyaw Win (President of MIPPA)
    MIPPA IP Academy 14th Batch
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    “from STOP to STEP” Trademark and Copyright Intensive Course 2/2021 (2nd October 2021)
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