• Past Events

    MIPPA IP Academy “IP Fundamental Course 11th Batch” (14th Nov 2020)
    “IP Webinar of MIPPA” (6th November 2020) at 14:00 PM (MMT)
    “IP Webinar of MIPPA” (16th October 2020)
    MIPPA’s Donation (8th October 2020)
    MIPPA IP Academy “IP Fundamental Course 10th Batch” (26th Sept 2020)
    “IP Webinar of MIPPA” (19th Sept 2020)
    By Honoring to the “World Intellectual Property Day 2020”, MIPPA’s donation
    “Introduction of Myanmar IP Law and Kayah State Branch Founding Ceremony”
    “Introduction of Myanmar IP Law and Bago Region Branch Founding Ceremony”
    Copyright Law 2019 “Thabin and Movie Talk Show”
    Copyright Law 2019 “Literature and Music Talk Show”
    “Seminar of an opportunity of World and Myanmar Economics on 2019 Myanmar Intellectual Property Law”
    World Intellectual Property Day 2019 “Reach for Gold: IP and Sports”
    “Analytical Forum on Trademark and Design Law”
    “National Seminar on Protecting Brands, Inventions and Designs Overseas”
    “Asia Patent Attorneys Association (APAA) Seminar on Trademark Practice and Execution”
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