• “IP Webinar of MIPPA” (16th October 2020)

    Published Date and Time : October 15, 2020 | 9:45 am
    U Than Maung (EC member of MIPPA, In charge of MIPPA IP Academy)
    U Win Naing (President of Myanmar Cosmetics Association)
    President, Panelists and Office Team

    MIPPA Events

    MIPPA IP Academy “IP Fundamental Course 11th Batch” (14th Nov 2020)
    “IP Webinar of MIPPA” (6th November 2020) at 14:00 PM (MMT)
    “IP Webinar of MIPPA” (16th October 2020)
    MIPPA’s Donation (8th October 2020)
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